Waterproofing is essential to the preservation of the content within the structure as well as the integrity thereof. All waterproofing products used by Lombard waterproofing contractors are of the highest quality and all contracts carried out according to specification with our 12-month workmanship guarantee. Our expertise allows us to assess the issue and work out the best possible and cost-effective solution for your waterproofing problems, our customers are not only customers for today, but customers for a lifetime.

Life begins with water, but too much of a good thing is bad. Leakages and dampness are among the most common and most destructive problems that can affect a building in Cape Town. Most often leaks are a mild nuisance, but they can become very difficult to control, and can even adversely affect your health. Good thing that Lombard’s waterproofing division has the solutions to all your waterproofing problems.

We offer high-quality waterproofing services to the greater Cape Town region. Our highly trained and experienced technicians specialize in leak detection, roof repairs and replacement, drainage, and damp management for residential and commercial properties. We guarantee effective and efficient work.

Other Services


We specialise in residential, industrial and commercial painting


General roof repairs and maintenance.


Specialising in rust/paint removal. On-site sandblasting corrosion control & Prevention coating.


Residential renovations bathroom & kitchen renovations

What we do:

We begin every project we undertake by doing an onsite inspection of the building or property so that the scope of the work can be evaluated and a plan of action can be drawn up.

The most important step is identifying the source of the problem, whether it is a leak, flooding, or any other water-related structural damage.

Once the problem has been identified, our team of highly trained and experienced waterproofers and repairmen attempt to find and implement a permanent waterproofing solution.

Once the waterproofing job is completed, we conduct a thorough inspection of the site and consult the client to ensure they are entirely satisfied with our work. So if you in Cape Town and looking for a waterproofing contractor then give us a call!